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Specification of forest inventory data recorded in the State Forest Register
Selected Organization: Valsts meža dienests
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Specification of forest inventory data registered in the State Register of Forests with an examination in the area following a submission by the forest owner or legal possessor, if the difference of such data from the situation in the area exceeds the permitted deviation specified in the regulatory enactments regarding forest inventory.
Individual, Private law legal persons
Forest owner or lawful possessor or their plenipotentiary person
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1. solis / Service requests
• Presence - the submitter arrives in one of the forestry offices of the State Forest Service and submits documents;

• Mail - the submitter sends the documents by post to the forestry address of the selected State Forest Service;

• Electronically - the applicant sends documents signed with a secure electronic signature to the electronic mail address of the selected forestry office or e-adress.
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2. solis / Updating of data in the State Forest Register
Changes are made to the Forest State Register.
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