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Entry of data from the registration sheet for the insemination of animals submitted by artificial insemination (MA) technicians, in accordance with the contract concluded
Selected Organization: Lauksaimniecības datu centrs
Brief description:
Entry of data from the registration sheet for animal insemination submitted by mA technicians at the premises of acceptance of customers of the Agricultural Data Centre, the LDC employee shall enter into the database information on artificial insemination of bovine animals, horses, sheep or goats.
Artificial insemination technician.
Maximum period (in working days):
The report must be submitted within seven days of the event.


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Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Introduction of animal insemination registration sheet data submitted by mA technicians
Agricultural projects require the contract data center - a post-paid contract for the processing of data
The contract may be requested by a person to whom a certificate has been issued may be issued for the performance of MA's work or to enter data electronically.
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Mail Animal insemination data entry from the MA technicians documents submitted in accordance with the co
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Tālrunis: 67027240
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Working hours
3. solis / Inspection of insemination data entered
After entering the data, animal owners or artificial insemination technicians in the authorized section are entitled to inspect the information on the sockets, provided that access to a section authorised by the Family Data Centre has been granted.
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