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Preparation and issue of urgent bovine passport for animal exports
Selected Organization: Lauksaimniecības datu centrs
Brief description:
If an animal (bovine) is exported to another Member State of the European Union or if the bovine passport is requested by the competent authority of a third country, the owner or keeper of the animal must order the passport of the Cattle  animal at the Agricultural Data Centre (LDC).
Any person
The bovine passport may be requested and received only by the owners of the herd or by their authorised persons registered in the register of agricultural animals, herds and holdings in the national information system “Agricultural Data Centre Information System”.
Maximum period (in working days):
Production of an urgent bovine passport within one working day of receipt of the application.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Related Services
1. solis / Enquiry step
The service may only be requested in the electronic reporting system.
Users of the LDC Electronic System may request a cattle passport in the Authorised Orders section.
An e-service in authorities home page To notify the data on farm animals
2. solis / Processing step
When the request is processed, the user is invoiced for payment and sent to the service applicant's e-mail.
3. solis / The step
The service is provided according to the specified request selection.
Another Liellopu pases eksportam izsniedz, saskaņojot ar klienta pieprasījumu. Liellopu pases eksportam  neizsniedz elektroniski.