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European Union supports - Projects and Investment
Selected Organization: Lauku atbalsta dienests
Brief description:
Rural Support Service (LAD)

The following measures can now be applied for in the Projects and Investments service:

19.2 implementation of activities in accordance with a community-led local development strategy
43.02 implementation of community-led local development strategies
19.4 Providing the functioning of the local action group and activating the territory
11.23 fishing ports and landing sites
43.04. Cooperation activities
54.03 trade measures

More detailed information:

The Round was concluded in the following measures:

22.02 productive investments in aquaculture
8.1 forest-growing
8.4 Renewal of forest stands destroyed in forest fires and natural disasters
22.05 Management and counselling services for aquaculture holdings
36.01 control and enforcement
54.04 Processing of fishery and aquaculture products
Modernisation of the fishing fleet
4.1 Aid for investment in agricultural holdings
4.2 Aid for investment in recycling
11.22 value added, product quality and use of unwanted catches
22.02 productive investments in aquaculture
8.3 Support for prevention and recovery of forest damage caused by fires, natural disasters, catastrophic events, activity “Construction and improvement of forest fire, pest and disease monitoring equipment and communication equipment”
36.02 data collection
17 risk management
11.9. Temporary cessation of fishing activities
7.2 basic services and rehabilitation of villages in rural areas
5 restoring agricultural production potential affected by natural disasters and catastrophic events and introducing appropriate preventive measures
16.2 support for the development of new products, methods, processes and technologies
6.1 Aid for young farmers to start their business
8.4 Renewal of forest stands destroyed in forest fires and natural disasters
8.5 Investments to improve the resilience and ecological value of forest ecosystems
6.3 Aid for start-ups in...
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The measures referred to in the order is opened in accordance with the list in RSS home page:
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
Service requests submitted to the appropriate form.
Aid can be applied for by an applicant who is registered as a customer Rural Support Service. For more information on how to become available in the home page, RSS client (
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On the spot
Austrumlatgale RLP
Dienvidkurzemes RLP
Dienvidlatgales RLP
Lielrīgas RLP
North Kurzeme RLP
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2. solis / Receipt of services
After the project application evaluation criteria set out in accordance with the Rural Support Service shall take a decision to grant or refuse to grant aid.
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Austrumlatgale RLP
Lada Dienvidkurzemes RLP
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