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Check and payment of administrative penalties
Selected Organization: Iekšlietu ministrijas Informācijas centrs
Brief description:
The purpose of the service shall be to ensure that information regarding the administrative penalties applied to the person, the minor children of the person, the guardianship and/or the person under guardianship and/or the guardianship are available for payment. It is also possible to pay the administrative penalty applied to a third party if the protocol number/case number and the identity of the infringer is known.
Maximum period (in working days):
The results of the administrative penalty check shall be available immediately after requesting information on the e-service site. The payment of penalties shall be registered in the system of administrative irregularities not later than within two working days.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Request
The service can be requested at The service is available to users of the site who have authenticated themselves with a secure electronic signature smart card, an electronic identification card (eID), their online banking authentication features.
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2. solis / Receiving
The service is received online - information is returned to the person from the Sodi Register and from the Register of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate.
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