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Training card for driver's training
Selected Organization: Valsts akciju sabiedrība "Ceļu satiksmes drošības direkcija"
Brief description:
Drivers may be trained by businesses and educational institutions that have received a training card.
The training card entitles the holder to train drivers of the categories indicated in this card in specific training rooms and certifies that the training rooms comply with the requirements specified in the regulations.
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Process description
Documents and forms
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1. solis / Service requests
In order to receive a training card, a merchant or educational institution shall submit to the CSDD:
- application;
- documents certifying that the applicant has a training room and a driving training area or has a contract for their use;
- a statement of payment for the survey of classrooms.
In order to receive a training card, the merchant or educational establishment must pay for the survey of classrooms of EUR 103.30. You can pay e., with a transfer or any CSDD CAC.
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2. solis / Request a procedure for enforcement
In order to receive a training card, a merchant or educational institution shall submit a submission to the CSDD and the necessary documents in one of the following ways:
- by sending electronically to the e-mail address (the training cards and application model are available on the website of the CSDD;
- addressing one of the CSDD CAC providing driver rating services.
Documents to be submitted
Documents to be submitted
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3. solis / Receipt of services
After examining the application, the relevant CSDD CAC responsible officer shall agree with the applicant representative on the time of the study of the classroom.
A training card shall be issued during the month of the CSDD or, if the classroom or driving training area does not comply with the requirements laid down in the regulations, refuse to issue it.
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