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Application for national roadworthiness testing
Selected Organization: Valsts tehniskās uzraudzības aģentūra
Brief description:
The purpose of the service is to apply for a national roadworthiness test in order to be authorised to participate in road traffic with the appropriate technical condition and equipment of the tractor and its trailer - does not endanger the environment, human health, life or road safety.
Any person
Any legal and natural person is entitled to this e-service
Maximum period (in working days):
An application for national roadworthiness testing shall be approved or rejected within a maximum period of time but not exceeding 3 working days
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to initiate an application for a State roadworthiness test, the person shall first familiarise himself with the description of the service and complete or submit the information required by the e-service — the number of the national registration certificate, the name of the applicant, the telephone number of the contact person, the e-mail address to which the inspection report will be sent, or to carry out the survey on a schedule or individual basis, indicating the tractor equipment the relevant category driving licence of the unit (or units) for which the verification will be carried out.
If the user of the tractor-engineering is a legal person, he or she must authorise a natural person to perform an e-service on behalf of that legal person. The merchant information on whose behalf this e-service will be performed shall be displayed to the user before commencing the service. When the customer approves the customer's data, you must press the “Continue” button.
The application for national roadworthiness testing shall be free of charge while the national roadworthiness test itself constitutes costs. Payment shall be made only in accordance with the electronic invoice issued by the institution within the specified due dates which THE VTUA sends to the customer's preferred electronic mail address or in non-cash prior to receipt of the service. The invoice or receipt of the cash register shall contain the contact details of the service provider. The end-of-service price consists of the sum of the prices of several types of service associated with the provision of the State function.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
In the case of a positive decision, the customer will receive a decision on the location and time of the national tractor-engineering inspection, as well as the terms of payment, at the specified e-mail address. The national roadworthiness survey will be performed only after payment has been received.
On the other hand, if the user receives a decision to reject or cancel the service, the justification is attached, which needs to be improved and improved and calls for the elimination of shortcomings so that the tractor-engineering is applied for national roadworthiness testing and the submission of the e-service is invited to be re-submitted. For example, if THE VTUA finds that, as a result of the closure, a national roadworthiness test cannot be performed.
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