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Commercial passenger movements in the taxi driver and passenger car registrations
Selected Organization: Valsts SIA "Autotransporta direkcija"
Brief description:
The right to drive a taxi to the commercial transport of passengers or passengers by passenger car, which is such a person directing the seniority of a driving licence for category B vehicles conforming to at least three years and who are on the Road Transport Administration in the register maintained by a taxi driver.
Maximum period (in working days):
Termiņš var tikt pagarināts saistībā ar izglītības dokumenta vai valsts valodas prasmes apliecības pārbaudi.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
1.) Submit an application, declaring the state language proficiency of not less than B Level 1.
2.) If the driver's certificate is issued in Latvia, the application shall be accompanied by documents certifying that the driver is a valid Category B driving licence for this category and length of service, when driving vehicles conforming to at least three years, as well as the prohibition to use the right to drive is not registered.
3.) Persons who are the driving licence has not been issued in Latvia, within five working days after receipt of the invitation of the Road Transport Administration Road Transport Administration to produce photographs.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
The driver within five working days from registration shall be prepared and sent to the mail address indicated in the application of the driver's registration certificate (with effect from 2018 July 1 June).
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