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Revocation of a special permit (licence) and a licence card
Selected Organization: Jūrmalas valstspilsētas administrācija
Brief description:
Revocation of a special permit (licence) or a licence card in conformity with the application submitted by the carrier, terminating business or changing the status of a taxi for vehicles.
It is necessary to delete a special mark (information regarding a licence or licence card) in the Register of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate for changing the status of the vehicle.
Private law legal persons
A special permit (licence) shall be revoked within one month, the licence card shall be revoked within 5 working days.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to cancel a special permit (licence), or a licence card, the carrier must comply with the following requirements:

The carrier does not have tax debts, the total amount of which exceeds the total amount of tax (tax) debt specified in the Law On Taxes and Duties, from which the tax administration ensures public access to information.
The carrier has no unpaid administrative infringements regarding infringements of the rules governing transport services.
A completed and electronically signed application shall be sent electronically by a person authorised by the carrier to an e-mail address in, or a completed and hand-signed application shall be submitted to the Visitor Service Centres.
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An e-service in authorities home page Jurmala City Council e-address
On the spot Visitor centres Jurmala City Council
Adrese: Jomas iela 1/5, Jūrmala, LV-2015
Tālrunis: 67093816, 67093843
Other contact details: Apmeklētāju apkalpošanas centrs Kauguros, Raiņa ielā 110, tālrunis: 67738898
Apmeklētāju apkalpošanas centrs Ķemeros, Tukuma ielā 20, tālrunis: 67751609
Working hours
2. solis / Receipt of services
Following the cancellation of a licence or licence card, the notification of cancellation or refusal to cancel the licence/licence card will be sent to the e-mail specified in the application.
Information on licences issued, suspended and cancelled is published on the website of the city of Jurmala in Section
Time period for the examination of an application and the revocation of a special permit (licence) and a licence card:

After registration of an application for cancellation of a licence, the Licensing Commission for Commercial Transportation of Passengers shall take a decision within one month regarding the revocation of the licence or a decision regarding the refusal to cancel the licence.
After registration of an application for annulment of a licence card, the responsible employee shall, within five working days, take a decision regarding the revocation of the licence card or the refusal to cancel the licence card.
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