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Subscription for voter initiatives
Brief description:
Online service allows you to participate in the signatures on voter initiatives that are organized in accordance with the Law of Referendums and Initiation Law and European citizens' initiative. E-service maintenance is necessary, within the collection of signatures to sign a form with the secure electronic signature or the eID eParaksta using smart card.
An e-service outturn is synchronous, the user receives a performance without any delay.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service state
Service a user opens the e-service form in the United State and self-government services portal
Before the e-service 1 .soļa (initiatives) interfaces are displayed in the recipient of services is carried out the conformity of the Saeima voter status check. If the user does not comply with the status of the Saeima voter, or it is possible to verify the user's eye notification appears, identifying the reason why you won't be able to sign up, and initiatives in the initiative of the interface with no choice. The user can interrupt the implementation of the service.
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2. solis / Service requests
If the recipient of services corresponds to the Saeima voter status and implementation of the e-service user initiated already, at the initiative is carried out, then the automatic change to assess the existence of the person's signature and e-service 2 .soli „Initiative component”. In other cases, the screenshot automatically opens the„ People’ s constitutional initiative "1. step“ Initiatives choice ”, which contains „dialog signature collection / Completed collection of signatures”.
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3. solis / Receipt of services
By clicking the button “Sign me up on the initiative”, begins signing up for an initiative.
If the underwriting process progressed successfully opens the last 4. step „Subscribe successful”, where the interface displays a message that the signature referenda to support an initiative has been successfully registered.
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