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The Invalid Document Register.
Selected Organization: Iekšlietu ministrijas Informācijas centrs
Brief description:
Within the scope of the service, indicating in the relevant data entry form the properties (serial, number and type) of the document to be checked, it is possible to receive information regarding the validity of the following documents of the Republic of Latvia (not) for the moment of verification: personal identification documents (citizen's passport, non-citizen's passport, diplomatic passport, service passport, return certificate, identity card, seafarer's book,), the driving licence, the provisional document and the missing forms of the said document. The service offers a convenient and rapid examination of the document to persons who plan to close a civil legal transaction, prepare to travel outside the borders of the Republic of Latvia, as well as in any other case where it is necessary to verify the validity of a person or a document certifying rights
Any person
The service is received immediately after requesting it.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Request
The service is available at After consulting the service information, you must enter the serial number, type and issuing state of the document in the service to request information on the validity of the document.
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2. solis / Receiving
The service is received online, when the document is invalid, the person will return information from the “Register of Invalid Documents”.
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