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Issuance of the permit to hold meetings, processions and pickets (Salaspils county)
Selected Organization: Salaspils novada dome
Brief description:
Issuance of the permit to hold meetings, processions and pickets necessary if the person wishes to organise a public meeting, processions and pickets Salaspils county.
The meeting, procession or picket of organising such measures shall not require permission from the closed meetings, those which have not announced publicly, is being held on premises, as well as, if it is organised by the State or self-government institutions. The State or self-government institutions must inform the municipality for the organisation of such a measure
Any person
The meeting, procession or picket organizers, event director, assistant director of the public order nikon measure and cannot be the person who:
1) has not reached the age of 18;
2) is not a citizen of Latvia or the person who is entitled to an Aliens Passport issued by the Republic of Latvia or a
Maximum period (in working days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
1) The organizers of the event service centre not earlier than 4 months and no later than 10 days before (if it is not possible, then no later than 24 hours before), shall submit a submission to the opening of a meeting, procession, picket organizing Salaspils county and documents required; 2) of the meeting organizer of the event, processions and pickets shall inform the national police (submit a submission to the State Police Riga Regional Administration Salaspils police station, Skolas Street, Salaspils, LV-2121 7a); 3) Following the entire document receipt no later than 5 days before the event (if submitted to the 24h before, then no later than 6h), the local government shall issue the authorisation or prohibition to hold a meeting, procession or picket.
- An application for authorisation of the organisation of meetings, processions and pickets;
- Business Registration Document # (legal person);
- copy of a passport (natural person);
- Pilnvara - a person representing the legal person;
- Progress of the owner 's written consent or a copy of the contract;
- Planned measure the flow plan, the route;
- Notice that the organisers shall assume responsibility for the Law „On Meetings, Processions and piketiem” during the observance of the measure;
- List of policemen with signatures for consent to participate in an event in the status of policemen or a copy of the contract with the leading provider of public order;
- Description, what support is requested from the local government and police, in order to facilitate the smooth running of the measure.
On the spot
Salaspils visitor centre
Saulkalnes visitor centre
2. solis / Receipt of services
Show personal identification document.
The power of attorney - a person representing the legal person.
On the spot
Salaspils visitor centre
Saulkalnes visitor centre