Notary on-line
Selected Organization: Latvijas Zvērinātu notāru padome
Brief description:
Receive a notary’s consultation, notarized document, pay for the service on-line.
Individual, Any person, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Maximum period (in working days):
The service can be received during office hours of sworn notaries or, by agreement with any sworn notary also outside working hours.
Process description
Other information
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1. solis / Necessary equipment
1. Quiet and bright room, with no windows or light source in the background.
2. Stable internet connection – at least 10/10 Mbit/s.
3. A computer with Mozilla Firefox ( or Google Chrome ( web browser, updated version.
4. E-Signature browser extension, updated version of e-Signature and eID middleware turned on (
5. Webcam, microphone, headset or loudspeaker.
6. E-Signature, eID or person’s ID ( with activated e-Signature, smart card reader ( or one of the internet banks of Latvia, valid for accessing (  
passport or eID and e-Signature mobile  (
An e-service in authorities home page DigiNotārs
2. solis / Register or log in
Register ( or enter (, if you are already registered in the portal of sworn notaries with
3. solis / Make an appointment
Make an appointment with a sworn notary -
4. solis / Enter virtual office
Enter the virtual office at the agreed time, using link of the e-mail, by clicking on invitation of the mobile app or list of visits, pressing on the appropriate visit -
5. solis / Allow access to audio, video and notifications
Allow access to audio, video and notifications on internet browser (accessible before internet address field).
6. solis / Verify video quality
Make sure that web cameras work and their quality is sufficient (face is clearly visible; when bringing passport or eID closer to the camera, data of the document can be read).
7. solis / Join the video call
Press on "Start video call" (the button will appear as soon as the sworn notary starts the video call).
8. solis / Accept the document
Look through the draft document prepared by the sworn notary, accept it. Submit documents required by the sworn notary, if necessary.
9. solis / Sign the document
Sign the document using Smart-ID.
Or download the document to be signed on your device and sign it there   ( Upload the electronically signed document.
10. solis / Pay for the service
Pay the invoice of the sworn notary using offered on-line link with banks   (, by pressing “Pay” or through your internet bank.
Remuneration of the sworn notary and state fees for official duties have been determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. The amounts to be paid will be explained by the notary. The fee depends on the document, number of persons involved, necessity to prepare related documents and actual expenses.
11. solis / Download e-document
Download the E-document, electronically certified by the sworn notary.