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Issuance of certificates and certified statements of registers of civil status (municipality of Marupe)
Selected Organization: Mārupes novada pašvaldība
Brief description:
A person may receive a repeated certificate confirming the facts of the registration of civil status (marriage, birth or death certificate) or a statement, if the document certifying the registration of the civil status has been lost and the person has to obtain a passport, to prove his or her relationship, to settle the case of inheritance, etc. in cases.
A person may receive a multilingual standard form, i.e. a document to be used in another Member State of the European Union as a translation aid accompanying the document, so that it is no longer necessary to certify this document by “Apostille”. Such form shall be issued to a statement regarding registration of a civil status act or registration certificate of civil status records issued from 1 January 2013.
Any person
An adult person for whom an entry has been made or an authorised person has been registered in the Birth Register. Parents, guardians, adopters or administration of the institution in which the minor is present in the upbringing.
One month.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
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1. solis / Service requests
An application shall be written specifying:
- the given name, surname, personal identity number, address of the place of residence, contact phone or e-mail address;
- depending on the type of document that needs to be re-received, the place and year of registration of the entry in the relevant register;
- justification for the need for a document;
- persons for whom a document is requested to be reissued, personal data and information on the person's relationship with the applicant.
The authorised persons shall submit a mandate.
The application shall be submitted personally, by post or by electronic means, signed with a secure electronic signature.
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An e-service in authorities home page E-addresse Marupe municipality Dzimtsarakstu department
On the spot
Family List Division (Babite civil parish)
The Civil Registry Office MND
Mail Mail-sent documents
Adrese: Daugavas iela 29, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167
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2. solis / Service Fee Information
National fee for the re-registration certificate for civil status records - EUR 7
Exempt from the State fee (presenting the relevant status document):
• a person with an I or II disability group;
• a person under the full national or local authority;
• a person who has been recognised as poor in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments;
• reaching the age of 24, after reaching the age of age of children who are orphaned or without parental care;
• a multi-child family, if one declared place of residence or additional address is specified for it and at least three children in care, including those placed in a foster family and under guardianship.
The State fee shall be paid prior to the issuance of the re-registration of civil status records.

Exempt from the State fee:
• if a person needs a civil status registration certificate in the cases of maintenance, recovery, state benefits or the granting of a pension;
• in cases of custody or custody;
• in cases of rehabilitation of politically repressed persons;
• persons convicted in cases of issuing personal identification documents;
• on the basis of parity regarding updating, updating and re-issuing of registration certificates for civil status records at the request of the third-country national, if a contract on mutual legal assistance has been concluded with the country concerned.

Local government fee for issuing an archive statement or extract EUR 1,40
Payment may be made in cash or through a settlement card or through a transfer to the Marupe municipality council account.

Payment properties;
Consignee: Marupe municipality council
Reg. No. 90000012827
Account LV69UNLA0003011130405
As “SEB Bank”
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On the spot Marupe county council treasury
Adrese: Daugavas iela 29, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167
Tālrunis: 67149859
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Working hours
3. solis / Receipt of services
A person shall receive a marriage, birth and death certificate or a statement in the presence of a person in the Divisions, presenting a personal identification document and a mandate (if the document is received by an authorised person).
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