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Social rehabilitation programme for young people with behavioural disabilities
Selected Organization: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
The Social Rehabilitation Programme shall encourage young people with behavioural disabilities to restore or improve their social functioning capacity, to recover social status and to integrate into society, including the education system.
The service is provided to young people and their legal representatives, whose place of residence is declared in the municipality of Riga, and who meet one of the following characteristics:
1) young people with behavioural problems (violations of law, non-attendance, learning difficulties, negativity, isolation from around them, aggression, stealing, roaming, lying, calling, etc.),
2) young people with low motivation to improve their quality of life, regular mood changes, depressed and negative feelings,
3) social insularity (insufficient social support, lack of hobby and interest, young people from poor and disadvantaged families, young Roma, with a narrow range of social contacts),
4) young people with low social skills and skills (low communication and communication skills, including skills to address problems and conflicts, ask for help, recognise errors and problems, work individually and within a group, obtain information and complete documentation, find work, identify their resources and strengths, plan time and budget, take responsibility, etc.),
5) educational problems (not attended or occasional visits to an educational institution, incomplete primary school education).
Maximum period (in working days):
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
The legal representative of the young person shall refer to the Social Service of Riga, present a personal identification document and submit an application for the receipt of a social rehabilitation programme.
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On the spot Riga Social Service
Adrese: Baznīcas iela 19/23, Rīga, LV-1010
Other contact details: Tālrunis:  25770080; 67105048; 80005055;

Rīgas Sociālā dienesta teritoriālie centri:
Teritoriālajā centrā „Avoti”
Avotu ielā 31 k-2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Krasts”
Aiviekstes ielā 14
Teritoriālajā centrā „Daugava”
Aglonas ielā 35 k-1
Teritoriālajā centrā „Pļavnieki”
Salnas ielā 2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Āgenskalns”
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Baldones ielā 2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Bolderāja”
Mežrozīšu ielā 43
Teritoriālajā centrā „Imanta”
Imantas 8. līnijā 1 k-2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Vidzeme”
Vidrižu ielā 1A
Brīvības gatvē 266
Teritoriālajā centrā „Purvciems”
Ieriķu ielā 2B
Pērnavas ielā 1
Teritoriālajā centrā „Ziemeļi”
Hanzas ielā 7
Working hours
2. solis / Receipt of services
After receiving all the documents, a decision regarding the granting/refusal of social service is taken within one month.
The social service applicant shall be informed of the decision taken.
The receipt of a social rehabilitation programme shall take place with the social service provider.
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On the spot
“Latvian Samaritan Association”
“Latvian SOS Children's Villages Association”
“Resiliences Centre”