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Social work in medical treatment institutions
Selected Organization: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
The social worker provides support to people in health care facilities to ensure the continuity of social care by withdrawing from the healthcare institution, as well as assistance in addressing other social problems. The service of a social worker in the medical treatment institution is provided in the administrative territory of the municipality of Riga. Information on service places, working hours and phones was published on the website of the Welfare Department of Riga City Council in the section of Health Care in the Social Work hospitals section.
Resident of Riga municipality *, who receives health services in a medical treatment institution and who needs the support of a social work specialist in tackling social issues or is a necessity for social assistance, as well as his or her family members and relatives.
* if his declared and/or actual place of residence is in Riga, or if the place of residence has not been declared and the last declared place of residence was in Riga.
The service shall be initiated after a person has expressed his or her desire to refer to a social worker of a medical treatment institution himself or herself or through another person and shall stop receiving until he or she has checked out from the medical treatment institution or the solution of the problem.
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1. solis / Service requests
In order to receive the support of a social worker of a medical treatment institution, a person or members of his or her family shall refer to medical practitioners or directly to a social worker. A patient or a member of his or her family shall request the service in person at a medical treatment institution. The social employee of the medical treatment institution represents the interests of the patient, transferring documents for the receipt of social services to the Riga Social Service and other institutions.

Information about the service can be received by calling:
- Free informative telephone of the Welfare Department of the Riga City Council - 80005055;
- Riga Social Service informative phone - 67105048.
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By phone 80005055; 67105048
2. solis / A service charge
The social worker's advice in medical institutions is provided free of charge to residents of Riga. The service is paid by the municipality of Riga.
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3. solis / Receipt of services
In medical treatment institutions, a social worker shall provide the following support:
- assess the social situation of the customer, identify problems, communicate with the social service, assist in drawing up the necessary documentation for the receipt of other social services (care in the institution, home, transport service, etc.), as appropriate, representing the interests of the client in other public and local authorities;
- advise and explain the healthcare process, appropriate social care services, local government support and tml;
- Psychosocial support for the client and/or members of his family to adapt to a new life situation and to cope with the crisis more easily.
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By phone 80005055; 67105048