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Housing allowance (Social Service of the City Council of Liepājas)
Selected Organization: Liepājas Centrālā administrācija
Brief description:
Housing benefit means local government social support for households recognised as poor or disadvantaged.
The status of a poor or low-income household may be granted for a period of three or six months (a housing allowance may also be calculated for that period).
The calculation of the housing allowance shall take into account expenditure on:
• use of residential space (rent, costs for mandatory management activities);
• services related to the use of the residential area (thermal energy for the provision of heating and hot water, electricity, water, natural gas, provision of sewer or asenisation, management of municipal waste), if they are not included in rental costs or the necessary costs for the management activities to be performed on a compulsory basis;
• the purchase of fuel;
• expenditure related to telecommunications services and the Internet, as well as expenditure on the installation and verification of water meters.
The amount of the housing benefit is calculated as the difference between the sum of the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) thresholds for the household, actual expenditure and total household income, using the formula specified in the BOM rules.
Maximum period (in working days):
1 month
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to assess the eligibility of a household as a poor or low-income household, one of the households needs to turn to the Social Service and submit:
• an application which has been signed by adults of the household;
• a statement of the employer's salary for the final three calendar months for each worker in the household;
• a statement of income from economic activity for the last three calendar months for each performer of economic activity in the household;
• Credit institutions or postal settlement systems of all persons in the household
• account statements for the last three calendar months;
• documents certifying income of an irregular nature and payments received for a period of 12 calendar months prior to submission of the application;
• documents for the calculation of the housing allowance, which certify expenditure related to the use of the dwelling, as well as documents certifying the use of the dwelling (e.g. a rental contract).
The social service may request the submission or presentation of other documents if it is necessary for taking a decision on the granting of social assistance.
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Social service of social assistance
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The social service of General Balozu Street
2. solis / Request channels
The benefit may be claimed by a household which resides in its own property or rented dwelling and has declared its place of residence there.

Pre-recording is required.
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3. solis / The step
The housing allowance shall be paid at least every three months, with the exception of the housing allowance for the purchase of solid fuel, which may be paid at one or more times in the calendar year.
The allowance shall be transferred to the operator or utilities or to the credit institution's payment or postal settlement system account specified by the applicant.
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On the spot
Social service of social assistance
Social service office landlord Street
The social service of General Balozu Street