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Temporary storage declaration
Brief description:
Temporary storage of non-Union goods in Customs supervised temporary storage warehouses from the time of presentation of goods to customs and placing under customs procedures or re-export.
To place goods in temporary storage, a temporary storage declaration must be submitted.
Non-Union goods in temporary storage must undergo customs procedures or they must returned within 90 days. (Union Customs Code, Section 149). A customs debt guarantee for temporary storage is required. The guarantee must be submitted by the temporary warehousekeeper (Union Customs Code,Section 148) through the EMDAS module.
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1. solis / Service requests
The temporary storage declaration identifies goods placed in temporary storage. Goods in temporary storage may be subject to treatments designed to ensure their preservation in an unaltered state without modifying their appearance or technical characteristics.
The declaration must be submitted electronically by one of the following persons:
• the person who brought the goods into the customs territory of the Union;
• the authorized person who brought the goods into the Union on behalf of someone else;
• the person who assumes responsibility for transport of the goods after they were brought into the Union;
• the person with authorisation from the warehouse.
Temporary storage declarations must be submitted electronically through EDS: EMDAS -
Manifest/Temporary storage functionality (MAN/PU).
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2. solis / Receipt of services
Service is received as per application.
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