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Payroll tax record
Brief description:
Obtaining an electronic payroll tax book for the purposes of applying personal income tax.
Changes to the salary tax book may be made to the Electronic Declaration System of the State Revenue Service (hereinafter - SRS).
Recipients of services shall mean any natural person, a resident of the Republic of Latvia.
Process description
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1. solis / Service requests
Persons who do not have a payroll tax record need to connect to EDS and activate one. Your payroll tax record must be submitted to your main employer. If you have two jobs, your payroll tax record can only be registered at one of them. If the SRS has no information confirming the taxpayer’s right to tax deductions or additional allowances, the payer may submit information justifying application for additional allowances. These documents must be submitted electronically through EDS with an electronic signature. You can also submit the documents in paper form by presenting SRS staff personal identification. Individuals who cannot complete this electronically at home can visit an SRS client centre to complete this process and receive a paper copy of their tax payment history.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
Service is received as per application.
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