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Permission to use temporary importation procedures
Selected Organization: Valsts ieņēmumu dienests
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Authorisation for the use in the customs territory of the Union of non-Union goods intended for re-exportation in the unaltered state (excluding changes in normal depreciation resulting from the use of the goods), by exempting them in whole or in part from import duties and other chargeable duties and by not applying trade policy measures to them.
Individual, Private law legal persons
The customs territory of any EU or non-EU registered person who is able to guarantee the proper conduct of operations.
Reference time: 15 days.
Maximum allowable time of 30 days.
Process description
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1. solis / Service requests
In order to obtain an authorisation, an application shall be made to the Customs Decision System (CDS - EU Trader Portal) using the SRS Electronic Declaration System (EDS) ( - Connect to European Information Systems - Customs Decision System (CDS - EU Trader Portal) - Applications - New Application).

For goods to be placed under the temporary admission procedure with full exemption, they must comply with the uses laid down in Regulation 2015/2446.
For temporary admission of goods with full exemption from customs duties, the authorisation shall be requested and issued in a simplified manner by means of a customs declaration.

To find out how to become an EDS user, see the information published in the “How to become an EDS user” section of the SRS website.

For the use of the SMK Customs Decision System, the ESS user shall in addition submit a “Application for the User (s) of the European Commission's SMK Customs Decision System”.
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An e-service in authorities home page Customs decision system (CDS - EU Trader portal).
2. solis / Receipt of services
The decision regarding the authorisation to use the temporary admission procedure (favourable or unfavourable) shall be communicated electronically to the economic operator (applicant) in the Customs decision system.
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An e-service in authorities home page Customs decision system (CDS - EU Trader portal).