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Financial support for training of employees of foreign investors
Selected Organization: Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra
Brief description:
Financial support from the EU Structural Funds for the training of workers needed to implement innovation in the company. As part of the aid measure, training of workers at related companies abroad as well as outsourced training is co-financed.
The aim of the service is to promote investment attraction in Latvia by providing support to foreign investors in providing skilled labour. More detailed information is available at:
Private law legal persons
Merchants who:
1) registered in Latvia;
2) more than 10% of the ordinary shares or voting rights of a commercial company are directly controlled by a foreign company or holds an equivalent holding and whose turnover in the group exceeds EUR 5 million in the last closed accounting year;
3) develop products or technologies in one of the areas of specialisation specified in the Smart Specialisation Strategy or in a new competitive niche identified by the industry;
from the time the training project is submitted, at least 15 new jobs will be created or invested in fixed assets of at least €1 million will be invested until the training project is completed.
The time limit for the evaluation of the project application and the taking of the decision shall be 1 month, which may be extended if a longer period is required for the assessment of the application and for the taking of the decision for objective reasons.
The contract for the provision of aid shall be concluded within 15 working days from the adoption of a decision on the approval of the project application or the fulfilment of an opinion on the fulfilment of the conditions.
Evaluation of the progress report: 20 working days which may be extended.
Evaluation of the request for payment: 20 working days which may be extended.
Payment of the aid: 10 working days from the approval of the payment request.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Related Services
1. solis / Service requests
A project application addressed by the LIAA must be completed to request the service. A project application may be submitted by signing it with a secure electronic signature, adding a time stamp and sending it to the official LIAA e-mail or by post.
Documents to be submitted: Project application, declaration regarding the conformity of a commercial company with a small (micro), small or medium-sized commercial company (for the determination of the status of the MVK, if it conforms to the status of the medium-sized enterprise), operational financial statement (for newly created merchants).
Mail Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
Adrese: Pērses iela 2, Rīga, LV-1011
Other contact details: Jāizmanto pasta indekss LV-1442
2. solis / Receipt of services
After evaluating the project application in accordance with the assessment criteria specified, the LIAA shall take a decision regarding approval, approval of the project application with a condition or rejection.
Additional information shall be required for project applications approved on the condition. Upon receipt of additional information, the LIAA shall prepare and send an opinion to the merchant regarding the fulfilment of the conditions laid down in the decision or an opinion regarding the failure to comply with the conditions laid down in the decision
If a positive decision or opinion regarding the fulfilment of the conditions specified in the decision has been taken, a contract regarding receipt of the aid shall be entered into with the merchant.
For the receipt of aid to a merchant:
- at least every 3 months a review of the LIAA's progress has to be submitted;
- a request for payment of the LIAA must be submitted no more than once every 3 months.
Documents to be submitted: progress/closing statement, payment request, etc. additional documents specified in those documents.
Following an evaluation of the progress report and the payment request, an aid payment shall be made to the beneficiary in accordance with the internal procedures of the LAA.
Other electronic channels