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Address allocation, change, liquidation or clarification (Kuldiga municipality)
Selected Organization: Kuldīgas novada pašvaldība
Brief description:
The local government, in evaluating the particular situation, shall assign an address if the address has not been assigned to the address object and shall change, eliminate or specify the form of the recording of the address if the registered address does not comply with the requirements referred to in the Adrescence Regulations.
The address site is the city of the Republic, county, county city, county parish, village, street (also area), one-city, a building intended for living, economic, administrative or public activity, a land unit for building, a group of premises (apartment, shop, etc.).
Any person
One month with an extension of up to four months.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Application submission
The following documents must be submitted for the receipt of the service:
- An application;
- supporting documents relating to property rights;
- building design or cadastral survey case of the building
and others as needed.

Options for submitting documents:
- as an e-address user, by sending an application to the e-address of the local government;
- when using e-mail, documents must be prepared in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the drawing up of electronic documents and certified with a secure electronic signature and time stamp;
- by post, the application and the documents attached thereto must be sent;
- on-the-spot, a personal identification document or a statement of authorisation must be produced.

Getting the service is free.
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Documents to be submitted
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An e-service in authorities home page The e-address of the municipality of Kuldiga region
On the spot
Alsunga Parish Administration
Ēdole Parish Administration
Gudenieki Parish Administration
Īvande Parish Administration
Kabile Parish Administration
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Mail Use of postal services_Municipality of Kuldīga region
Adrese: Baznīcas iela 1, Kuldīga, Kuldīgas nov., LV-3301
Other contact details:
Working hours
By phone 63370003
2. solis / Examination of application
After receipt of the documents, the Real Estate Division of the municipality of Kuldiga shall examine and take a corresponding decision at the meeting.
A decision regarding the assignment, change, elimination or clarification of an address may be obtained according to the type specified in the application:
- e-address;
- e-mail;
- mail;
- presence (in the Real Estate Division of the municipality of Kuldiga or in the visitors' reception and information centre of the municipality of Kuldiga).

The decision shall also be sent to the State Land Service.
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On the spot
Real estate department
Reception and information center of Kuldīga municipality