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The single emergency number "112"
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Brief description:
The single emergency number "112" is a universal service, which aims to ensure that all European citizens and guests of equal opportunities to declare an emergency event, using the number 112, guaranteeing that the proposed an extraordinary event will be transferred to the competent authorities of the problem, and will be given the necessary assistance to victims in a timely manner.
Number 112 is available free of charge to every person in the territory of Latvia anytime, regardless of their geographical location.
Any person
Service will be at any time, making a call to the Single emergency number "112", where it will be immediately processed and will be provided in due time, the necessary assistance.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / The need to call the "112" call the phone review
In situations where the danger for human life, health, safety or property, as well as there is a threat to the environment and public safety, you need to make joint emergency number “112”.
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By phone 112
SMS 112
2. solis / Call to the Single emergency number "112"
Calling for the event to the Single emergency number "112" provides call reception, processing and, if necessary, to divert other operative services (State Fire and Rescue Service, the State Police, the Emergency Medical Services, gas emergency service Maritime Search and rescue coordination centre).
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By phone 112
SMS 112