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Updating of building data in the Cadastre information system from VZD archive documents
Selected Organization: Valsts zemes dienests
Brief description:
Building cadastre information system data, which are registered only to the extent obtained building mass surveying, may escalate without survey area according to the State Land Service archive repository (the SLS note) the technical inventory documents (if any) and under the following conditions:
- the technical inventory documents contain information about the buildings and the indicators which measure the group of premises necessary for the calculation of cadastral value of the building and the graphical plan for the preparation of the vector data in digital form;
- the building since the last full technical inventory has not been constructive changes that could lead to the changed parameters contributing to building and you can attest to that.

As a result of the performance of the service, the Cadastre information system shall update the data regarding the building in accordance with the information in the archive documents of the VZD, and prepare a cadastral survey case, which conforms to the status of the cadastre document, shall also issue a statement regarding the updating of the data of the cadastre object in the Cadastre information system.
Any person
For more information is available under "A Description" field "1 step/service requests
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Related Services
1. solis / Service requests
Services can be received:
1. owner of the building, where there is none - lawful possessor;
- in the case of joint ownership, all joint owners or joint governments together or any of them on the basis of an authorisation. (except for the updating of such data - the name of the immovable property, the purpose of use, the address of the cadastre object, the encumbrances, the type of use of the land (when submitting a situation plan), the physical depreciation of the building, type of use, type of building, type of use of the group of premises and data of the cadastre object, specified in the deed regarding the taking into service of the structure).;
2. the person to whom such rights or obligations specified by the court or a person who, in accordance with a court adjudication has been recognized property rights;
3. the person in the submission of a sworn notary has expressed a wish to adopt, by presenting a copy of this heritage;
4. an authorised person of the persons mentioned above.

Receipt of services you have to submit the following documents:
1. iesniegums for building the updating of data from archive documents, with proof that the building since the last full technical inventory has not been constructive changes, which would have changed the indicators;
2. one of the Law “On Recording of Immovable Property”, which certifies the documents specified in the legal acquiring of cadastre information system, if the building had no registered owner;
3. applications for the adoption of the heritage of the transcript, if you have a potential heir;
4. labiekārtojuma questionnaire on the building;
Powers 5, if the initiator is an authorised person.
2. solis / Submit Request
Service can also order:
- by sending an electronic application (signed with a secure electronic signature and time stamp) to the email address or official email address of any SMD Customer Service Centre (CAC). The submission shall be accompanied by electronically signed with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments have been drawn up electronic document that are necessary for the performance of service;
- in person at any of the SLS note for all in-scope Colgate Countries. The CAC of the SLS note ordering services, you have to present personal identification document - Passport or identity card (ID card), but plenipotentiary person - including the power of attorney;
- by post (the service will only be launched after verifying the identity of the individual in the CAC).
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The Unified Customer Service Centre of the State and Local Government of the Award
Tukuma county unitary state and local customer service centre
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