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Acceptance of the building design (Marupe Municipality Council)
Selected Organization: Mārupes novada dome
Brief description:
The building project may develop after Marupes county building authority (hereinafter - the building authority) architectural and planning order (PAU) receipt to the realization of the construction intention. The building project, which is the basis for receipt of the construction permit, you need to accept the author of the building, and the project shall be submitted to the building of a building design and acceptance of at least 3 copies. The construction plan, develop new and existing buildings or parts of the reconstruction, restoration and renovation, demolition of buildings, as well as engineering communications, roads and bridges, area utilities (road and the area of the lane, pedestrian walkways, small architectural forms and sculpture, lighting equipment, visual information and spatial arrangement of elements), meliorācijai, as well as any construction work structures and areas, which is a State protected cultural monuments and the protective zone of an existing building or landscape features.
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The deadline for receipt of services: 15 working days if submitted all documents required.
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Arriving Marupe Municipality Council.

Building design shall be carried out in one or two stages. Simple, technically nesarežģītai construction works may draw up at one stage - the technical design stage. Building design have been developed in two stages - stage of the draft sketches and the technical design stage, where the estimated construction is socially significant or technically complex, as well as if it is intended to provide specific residential zone or the historical area and you can change the historic landscape. The commissioning party or the building authority shall determine whether the construction plan have been developed in two for the design stages. If the commissioning of the round of construction, shall develop draft sketches for the entire būvobjektam as a whole, but the technical project may develop nododamajai separately for each round of construction.
On the spot Marupe Municipality Bov Board
Adrese: Daugavas iela 29, Mārupe, Mārupes nov., LV-2167
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Receipt of services according to the application of choice.
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