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State Land Service geospatial data browsing without the contractual obligations
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Brief description:
Any person interested State Land Service (SLS note) and the e-services portal data publication in the section “Maps - > Map Browser” are available spatial data that you can browse the service, free of charge:
- the spatial data for cadastre information system (shown unit of land and parts of the units of land borders, building outlines);
- State Address Register spatial data (buildings and constructions of the unit of land, roads and streets, the main road centerline and the administrative borders);
- Real estate value zoning maps (including existing zonējumi specified in regulatory enactments in the period - the projected zonējumi);
- From Construction Information System (BIS) pirmsreģistrētās structures
in the background with opportunities to connect the orthophoto map. portal is able to browse the more the SLS note the data available that are available for rent. The cost of services, in addition, you can browse the SLS note reside in the spatial data from the following:
- spatial data between cadastre information system in full;
- High levels of topographical data.
In addition, as well as have the opportunity to connect to existing spatial data held by SLS note:
- topographical maps at 1: 2000 (in some cities);
- topographical maps at 1: 10000 (in a rural area).

Portal published data shall be updated:
- the Cadastre text and spatial data – once a day;
- State Address Register text and spatial data – once a day;
- Value zonējumi – once every four years at the value of real estate zoning changes;
- From Construction Information System pirmsreģistrēto structures in the cadastre data - once a day;
- M1:500 topographical plan – once every 1-2 weeks;
- Latvian Geospatial Information Agency maintained by the State Land Service map as a background in the spatial data
(orthophoto map topographic map M1:2000, a topographic map, a topographic map M1:10000 M1:50000) – the SLS note held by the coefficient of background...
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To browse the SLS note of the spatial data held by the free service, a person:
- opens a portal maps available to the browser under „Maps - Map Browser >”;
- the cadastre object when you click the link text data, „see spatial data”.

However, to explore more of the SLS note cards, use:
1. portal
- e-services „Geospatial data within one hour of browsing (without the contractual obligations)” section,„ Electronic Services - > Portal - > Browse data ”;
- „See more card” window of opportunity, spatial data in your browser free of charge cards (Card - > Map Browser ”).
2., when authenticating with authentication agents.

You can pay for services using:
1. payment system;
2. with the card payment systems can also, if the service requested portal (for more information on the card account for the establishment and replenishment options see