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One-off receipt of high-detailed topographic information
Selected Organization: Valsts zemes dienests
Brief description:
Topographic data of high detail shall be available for any location in Latvia where such survey has been carried out. These include information on the nature of the situation, which is illustrated on the map by topographical designations such as power lines, gas pipelines, water pipes, etc.

Depending on the purpose for which data is intended to be used, the following conditions of use shall be determined by the State Land Service (VZD):
1. the end user shall be authorised to use the data only for his or her own purposes without the right to use it for the supply of services or to transfer it to a third party;
2. The service provider shall be authorised to use the data for its own purposes and to include it in the services provided, but without the right to transfer the dataset to a third party.

The amount of data to be issued may be limited in the interests of national security.

The generated data shall be issued electronically, recorded on a CD.
Any person
Maximum period (in working days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
The data shall be prepared and issued on the basis of a written submission, which shall specify:
- the area of interest;
- the name of the undertaking, registration number or the given name, surname, personal identity number of the natural person;
- address;
- bank properties (bank name, code, account number);
- contact details (phone, e-mail);
- the way in which you want to receive an invoice (personally, in-person, in the VZD, in the mail or in the e-mail address).
2. solis / Submit Request
Service can also order:
- by sending an application (signed with a secure electronic signature and time stamp), to the e-mail address or official e-address of any VZD customer service centre;
- the SLS note onsite at customer service centre. The recipient of the service shall sign a request for an order drawn up in the customer service centre;
- by post, by sending an application for service to any VZD customer service centre address;
- by sending an electronic request using the “Application to Authority” e-service on the national administration services portal In this case, the request for information may not be signed by electronic signature as the person's electronic identification has been carried out.
E-service in Application to the Authority
Joint Customer Service Centre of Ludza State and Local Government
Smiltenes Municipality Unified Customer Service Centre
The Unified Customer Service Centre of the State and Local Government of the Award
Tukuma county unitary state and local customer service centre
Unified Customer Service Centre of Bausk State and Local Government
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