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Ordering the necessary expenditure – Liepaja SBA services in the Central Scientific Library (LCZB)
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Expenses, which is not a library collection LCZB offers pre-booked, utilising inter-library loan (SBA), which offers the opportunity to receive literature from any library of Latvia.
- Available only for users of the library.
Any person
Pakalpojums pieejams tikai bibliotēkas lietotājiem.
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Related Services
1. solis / Service requests
The production of a library card, a literature request should be presented on certain SBA request forms which the sample may receive LCZB starpbibliotēku subscription.

The charges which are not available LCZB and other library of Latvia, can be ordered via the International inter-library loan (IILL), from foreign libraries. IILL round books can only be received by the National Library of Latvia lasītavās one month.
On the spot LCZB interlibrary loan
Adrese: Zivju iela 7, Liepāja, LV-3401
Tālrunis: 6 34 89536
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Working hours
2. solis / A service charge
User pays postage for packages could be sent back (SBA transfer pricing, by weight -
3. solis / Receipt of services
SBA service books received shall be issued for use of the public library to a 1 month, but copies of the exclusive personal use shall be issued to readers. If the document is provided in electronic format, user may receive a document via e-mail or print on paper.
On the spot Liepaja Central Scientific Library
Adrese: Zivju iela 7, Liepāja, LV-3401
Tālrunis: 6 34 89533
Other contact details:
Working hours