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Certified statement from the Register of natural persons
Selected Organization: Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde
Brief description:
The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) shall issue statements from the Register of Natural Persons regarding the personal data (information regarding the place of residence, family status, passport data and other information regarding the person included in the Register of Natural Persons). The receipt of a statement from the Register of Natural Persons shall be subject to the payment of the State fee if the applicant for information is not covered by an exemption or relief from payment of the State fee.
The person, currently remotely, has the possibility of requesting and receiving a statement from the Natural Person from the PMLP
a person in custody or under the auspices of a register regarding himself or herself, a child of his or her minor (up to 18 years) (it may be necessary to produce a document certifying the relevant information), as well as regarding another person on the basis of a substantiated request, to which a document certifying justification or mutual association has been appended (the original or a copy certified in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments); and there is also a legal objective for the use of information.
A statement regarding the actual address of the declared place of residence of the person, his or her minor child or under guardianship, or the last address of the declared place of residence of the deceased person, shall also be issued by the institution of registration of the place of residence of the local government, in the administrative territory of which there are persons for whom the information is requested, the declared or registered address of the place of residence.
The owner of the immovable property or his or her authorised person may receive information free of charge regarding the number of persons declared or registered in the immovable property or persons (given name, surname, personal identity number and date of declaration or registration of the place of residence) at...
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Individual, Any person, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
A person who has a legal basis to obtain information from the Population Register.
Maximum period (in working days):
The deadlines for the issuance of a statement are specified in Regulation No 485 of the KM 06.07.2021., Regulations regarding the State Fee for Receiving Information from the Population Register and the Law on Disclosure of Information.
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1. solis / Service requests
A statement may be requested remotely by post or by electronic means. The receipt of a statement from the Register of Natural Persons shall be subject to payment of the State fee.
The request may be sent via the official eAdresi activated on the portal or to the e-mail (also to the e-mail of any territorial division of the PMLP) if the application has been signed with a secure electronic signature.
When requesting a certified statement from the Register of Natural Persons concerning other personal data, a reasoned request must be submitted accompanied by supporting or supporting documents indicating the purpose of the use of legal information, identifying personal information and the type of receipt.
The request of a legal person shall be signed by the entitled person (person) or authorised representative of the responsible person.

A statement shall be issued only in person within one working day or within a period of two hours (currently, if there is a record for changing the identity document). It should be noted that payment by credit institution transfer may take several days. Consequently, it is not advisable to make such a form of payment by requiring a statement of urgency.
Amount of the State fee for receipt of a paper-based statement:
within two hours, EUR 20,00 for himself; EUR 35,00 for another person;
Within 5 working days, EUR 5,00 per se; EUR 12,50 for another person;
- in the case of a statement regarding the actual address of his or her or her minor child, custody or custody person - EUR 2.50;
- the receipt of a certified statement by electronic means, signed with a secure electronic signature, within three working days, for itself EUR 2.50; for another person EUR 10,00.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
In order to receive a statement from the Register of Natural Persons, the mail must show:
- a personal identification document (passport or eID card);
- the original of the term of office of the authorised person.
The certified statement may be sent by post if the request is submitted electronically using the official electronic address or e-mail and signed with a secure electronic signature.
In addition to the State fee, the fees of the PMLP fee service and the expenses of the “Latvijas Pasta” VAS should also be paid for sending a statement by post.
A statement to the address indicated in the personal register in a foreign state shall be sent as a registered consignment with a receipt notice.

By electronic means:
- on the portal to the official electronic address;
- e-mail, subject to limited accessibility information security requirements with data encryption or cryptography.
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