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Send a document to a person within the limits of the consular district
Selected Organization: Ārlietu ministrija
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Send a document to a person consular representations of the Republic of Latvia within the transmission of documents received by the applicants to his address of the place of residence, which has offices in the consular district. Available only in countries where such consignments shall be deemed to be safe and not petrunā with the relevant country legislation. The availability please consult the representation of the Republic of Latvia abroad
Any person
In the consular district offices of the Latvian nationals permanently resident in the procedures specified by the Law on the Register of Natural Persons have announced their address of the place of residence abroad.
Depending on the relevant country for the provision of postal services.
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Related Services
1. solis / Service requests
Available only if you are prompted for the Republic of Latvia in accordance with other services the postal service is safe or not it conflicts with the relevant country legislation.
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Another Latvijas vēstniecības un konsulāti
2. solis / Receipt of services
When the requested document is received via the result of the embassy official document shall be packaged for transmission. For the consignment shall be submitted to the local mail delivery to the application for a specified address.
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