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Electronic registration in the consular register
Selected Organization: Ārlietu ministrija
Brief description:
The service, the person you can register information on the planned trip to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be able to communicate and rapidly, if needed to ensure consular protection of persons in a foreign state of emergency
Natural persons (citizens of Latvia, non-citizen of Latvia and the stateless person who has permanent residence permit in Latvia), who reside or are planning to travel abroad for a period not exceeding six months
Recording information on the planned trip can be on-line mode (24 / 7). If a foreign state for an emergency situation occurs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicates, and if necessary to provide consular assistance.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Information input
Travelers enter data into an online form
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2. solis / Receive alerts
Travelers to the specified e-mail address to receive travel alerts for a country where travelers have a current trip.
Travel warnings are information about the region, country or territory, the specific time period is not recommended to visit or visits to particular caution is advised in the case, as well as information on significant changes in the entry, exit or a residence order in the country.
All travel warnings are also published Ministry of Foreign Affairs home page and mobile application "Ceļo safely".
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An e-service in authorities home page Travel warnings Ministry of Foreign Affairs home page
Another Mobilā lietotne "Ceļo droši"
3. solis / Receiving consular protection
In the case of emergency situations Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicates with the contact person or traveler travelers, if necessary, provide consular assistance.
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On the spot Consular department
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