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Local government co-financing for receiving nanny services from the age of one and a half years (Kuldiga municipality).
Selected Organization: Kuldīgas novada pašvaldība
Brief description:
In order to ensure the availability of the child care service, the local government may involve child monitoring service providers (nanny) within the funds provided for this purpose in the budget.
After entering into a contract and receiving an appropriate invoice, the local government shall transfer the co-financing to the nanny every month.
A resident declared in the county of Kuldiga who has a declared pre-school child (of one and a half years of age) in the municipality of Kuldiga.
In the case of a positive decision, co-financing shall be granted on the date of registration of the parent application or on the date on which the rules set out all the conditions for receiving co-financing.
Process description
Documents and forms
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1. solis / Service requests
Support from the municipal budget for a child supervision service provider (nanny) for a child from the age of one and a half until the child is provided with a place in a preschool educational institution or in a group of preschool children of educational institutions can be received if:
1. the child's legal representative concludes a written contract with the nanny;
2. the legal representative informs the local government in writing that the child is receiving child care services
service provider and indicate the data of the child supervision service provider;
3. the child is registered in the queue for a place in the preschool educational institutions of the municipality of Kuldīgas and is not provided with a place in preschool educational institutions or preschool groups of educational institutions in the child's declared place of residence when the child reaches the age of one and a half years;
4. the declared place of residence of the child and at least one of the child's parents (legal representative) is in the administrative territory of Kuldiga county.

The personal application, the signed agreement between the parents and the nanny attached to the application and a notarized power of attorney (if the application is submitted by an authorized person) can be submitted in person at the municipal visitor reception and information center. Kuldīgas, Kuldīgas state and regional unified customer service centers, Kuldīgas Education Board, as well as by sending to the Education Board's e-mail address or an e-mail signed with a secure electronic signature.
Documents to be submitted
Documents to be submitted
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An e-service in authorities home page Kuldiga County Board of Education e-address
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Kuldiga County Board of Education
Reception and information center of Kuldīga municipality
Unified customer service centre of the State and Local government of Alsunga
Unified customer service centre of the State and local government of Skrunda
Unified customer service centre of the State and local government of the city of Kuldiga
By phone 25484293, 63350635
2. solis / Receipt of services
A decision regarding the granting of co-financing shall be taken by the Education Department, examining the information whether the nanny has registered in the State Service Register of Education Quality and the child has been registered in a row to a place in the local government's pre-primary education institution. The decision is announced to the child's parent and nanny.
The local government co-financing shall be paid to the nanny on the basis of a contract approved by the local government, which has been concluded between the nanny and the legal representative of the child.
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