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Burial in the graveyards of the municipality of Riga
Selected Organization: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
For the receipt of the service, the funeral organizer shall draw up an order for the funeral services.
The list of services includes:
1. Granting a grave site for burial in the open area of the burial site or as a blanket or a new tomb is granted.
2. Ensuring the conduct of the funeral ceremony - the storage of human remains until the funeral, the preparation of the tomb for the discharge ceremony, the lighting of candles, the setting of the path with needles, the ringing of a call during the course of the funeral ceremony.
3. Burial of human remains in the coffin - digging of the grave pit, lowering the coffin into the grave, buriing the grave, forming a grave set, laying it with needles.
4. Burying or inserting an urn with the remains of a cremated human into a columbary.
5. Assembling the site of the tomb and cemetery around the burial sites prior to and after the burial.

The funeral organiser may choose, by forming an order for the funeral service, which services are to be included in the order for the funeral ceremony.
There is a minimum list of services that ensures the conduct of the burial process, but its extension is determined by the funeral organizer.
Individual, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
A funeral order may be ordered by the building site or by the authorised person thereof.
Maximum period (in working days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
The client arrives at the cemetery manager and harmonises the burial site and time.
In carrying out an order for a funeral service, the following documents shall be presented to the grave-keeper or the authorised person thereof:
1. Death certificate;
2. A contract for the preservation of the tomb. If there is no such maintenance contract, it shall be entered into with the supervisor of the cemetery by carrying out a funeral order. (see service “Consignment of a contract for the maintenance of the grave”)
3. A personal identification document for a natural person or rights of representation for a legal person;
4. The authority of the owner of the grave to an authorised person;
5. Authorisation of the health inspection for supervision, if
burial carried out 15-20 years ago in the existing tomb;
6. Ministries, institutions, creative unions, non-governmental
application of an organisation or professional association regarding
special merit for granting a new tomb partly
the closed cemetery;
7. A motivated application for the granting of a tomb to the deceased, the last declared place of life of which has not been in the administrative territory of the city of Riga.
Pay type:
* cached in an office with a card
* cemeteries in cash or with a card

Note: In the cemeteries of Martins, Matiss, Yugla, Buckets and Thornhill, the service may be obtained by prior agreement on the time of acceptance with the cemetery manager by telephone.
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On the spot Riga City Council Housing and Environment Department Cemetery Board
Adrese: Aizsaules iela 1A, Rīga, LV-1026
Tālrunis: +37167012278
Other contact details: 1. 1.Meža kapsēta, Aizsaules iela 2a, Rīgā,  LV1026, tālrunis  +37129167374,
2. 2.Meža kapsēta, Gaujas iela 12, Rīgā, LV1026, tālrunis  +37120240113,
3. Raiņa kapsēta, Aizsaules iela 1a, Rīgā, LV1026, tālrunis  +37167012034,
4.  Miķeļa kapsēta, Gaujas iela 4, Rīgā, LV1026, tālrunis  +37167012411,
5. Bolderājas kapsēta, Mazā Kleistu iela 16, Rīgā, LV1067, tālrunis +37167012359,
6. Lāčupes kapsēta, Baltegļu iela 41, Rīgā, LV1067,  tālrunis +37167012388,
7. Mārtiņa kapsēta, Hāmaņa iela 4, Rīgā, LV1007, tālrunis  +37125486042,
8. Pļavnieku kapsēta, Lubānas iela 94,  Rīgā, LV1021, tālrunis  +37167012422,
9.  Matīsa kapsēta, Maza Matīsa iela 1, Rīgā, LV1009,  tālrunis  +37167012393,
10. Kapsila kapsēta, Taču iela 1, Rīgā, LV1079, tālruņi  +37126591904, +37167012278,
11. Jaunā Ebreju kapsēta, Lizuma iela 4, Rīgā, LV1006, tālrunis  +37167012402,
12. Juglas kapsēta, Stāmerienes iela 1, Rīgā, LV1079, tālrunis   +37126591904,
13.  Biķeru kapsēta, Juglas iela 71, Rīgā, LV1079, tālruņi   +37126591904, +37167012278,
14. Pleskodāles kapsēta, Ventas iela 3, Rīgā, LV1046, talrunis  +37167012429,
15.  Ziepniekkalna kapsēta, Mālu iela 19, Rīgā, LV1058, tālrunis  +37167012377,
16. Torņakalna kapsēta, Torņakalna iela1, Rīgā, LV1007, tālruņi  +37125486042, +37167012278,
17. Jaunciema kapsēta, Jaunciema 8. šķērslīnija 10, Rīgā, LV1023, talrunis +37167012396,  
18. Sarkandaugavas kapsēta, Nesaules iela 9, Rīgā, LV1014, tālrunis. +37167012419,
19.  Sarkandaugavas - Kalna kapsētas, Ceļinieku iela 1, Rīgā, LV1014, tālruņi  +37167012419,  +37167012278.
Darba laiks:
Pirmdiena:   09.30 - 16.00 pārtraukums 12.00 - 12.30 (Strādā tikai Jaunā Ebreju kapsēta)
Otrdiena:     09.30 - 16.00, pārtraukums 12.00 - 12.30
Trešdiena:    09.30 - 16.00, pārtraukums 12.00 - 12.30
Ceturtdiena: 09.30 - 16.00, pārtraukums 12.00 - 12.30
Piektdiena:   09.30 - 16.00, pārtraukums 12.00 - 12.30 (Nestrādā Jaunā Ebreju kapsēta)
Sestdiena:    09.30 - 16.00 pārtraukums  12.00 - 12.30 (Nestrādā Jaunā Ebreju kapsēta)
Svētdiena:    09.30 - 16.00 pārtraukums  12.00 - 12.30 (Strādā tikai Jaunā Ebreju kapsēta)
2. solis / A service charge
I. Minimum list of services of the funeral order
Summer (01.05-31.10) Winter (01.11-30.04) At a discount *
EUR (with VAT) EUR (with VAT) (with VAT)
1. One-off fee per alcove of the Columbary
use 720,00 720,00
I. Minimum services required for burial
2. Digging and backfilling of the grave pit
2.1. Burial of adult mortals
reference area 79,00 90,00
2.2. Burial of adult mortals
in a tallest coffin, 82,00 94,00
2.3. Burial of child's remains in coffin (1.1 m) free
3. Use towels during burial at 8,00 8,00
4. Preparation of the tomb and formation of a cluster 29,00
5. Necessary for the conduct of the funeral ceremony
aggregation of the cemetery site 36,00 36,00 18,00 *
6. Drafting documents 9,00 9,00
7. Permits for entry of road transport to cemeteries
in an area with a dead 5,00 5,00
8. Burying or inserting a cremated body into a columbary
8.1. Urns with remains of a cremated man
burial in the ground 27,00 27,00
8.2. Inserting an urn with the remains of a cremated human into a columbary
18,00 18,00
8.3. Necessary for the conduct of the funeral ceremony
aggregation of the cemetery site 36,00 36,00 18,00 *
9. Drafting documents 9,00 9,00
II. List of funeral order selection services:
10.1. Capliča Lease for a funeral ceremony 22,00 22,00 15,00 *
10.2. Candles in a grave of 7,00 7.00
10.3. Ringing of the funeral ceremony
5,00 5,00 (from capex to grave)
10.4. Covering the road with needles 9,00 9,00
10.5. Sheath of a grave set with needles 18,00 18,00
10.6. Permit for entry of road transport into the area of the open cemetery and the Palavnieku Cemetery
6,00 6,00
10.7. Permit for entry of road transport to the area of the semi-closed cemetery, except in the area of the Palavers Cemetery 10,00
10.8. Permit for entry of road transport to the area of the open cemetery and Pelavers Cemetery for 70 years
age-reaching persons (presenting a personal identification document)
4,00 4,00
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3. solis / Receipt of services
The service is provided after payment of the charge services according to the Order of the Departion Service.
The discount shall apply to persons on presentation of supporting documents:
for disadvantaged and deprived persons, families registered in the family support register of the municipality of Riga, politically repressed persons, persons with an I or II disability group (presenting an appropriate document), as well as long-term social care and social rehabilitation institutions and child care institutions (Reasons: RD 19.03.2013 Decision No 5964)
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