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Pārapbedīšanas permission (Liepaja the Cemetery Administration)
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The service, the Liepaja Liepaja pārapbedīšanas the Cemetery Administration shall issue licences or from within the framework of the city cemetery in Liepaja city cemeteries.
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1. solis / Authorisation
In order to obtain authorisation, the maintainer pārapbedīšanas Kapsētas keeper had to go to the graves containing the tomb, and write an application for the remains of the exhumation.
Then, with a coherent application to go to Liepaja cemetery management with the reasons why the Kubilius noted that reporting is required and the Director of the cemetery in Liepaja on his remains pārapbedīšanu.
The funeral also are subject to prior authorisation from the Health Inspectorate. If you do not have been more than a year from funeral takes place, the Health Inspectorate shall assess whether the permission to issue.
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2. solis / A service charge
With pārapbedīšanu costs this entails are borne by the person who arranges his remains pārapbedīšanu. Service charge amount set out in the Liepaja City Council on 2018 April 19 (see Decision No 151 Other information – Regulatory Enactments).

You can make a payment by transfer (legal person) or in person in cash.
3. solis / Receipt of services
Once permission has been received from the Health Inspectorate, it should be addressed to Liepaja cemetery administration. Liepaja pārapbedīšanas the Cemetery Administration shall be issued by the participating cemetery managers shall co-ordinate the time, because the graves pārapbedīšanas intends and new graves of the earth shall be carried out by cemetery employees involved.
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