Government services portal usage instructions

 1. Terminology
1.1. The agency – State Regional Development Agency;
1.2. Authentication - electronic process, which the electronic identification service providers of electronic identification data of a natural person shall be carried out checks to ensure that person's individual electronic identification;
1.3. E-adress – official electronic address;
1.4. E-adress account – e-adress linked user accounts, which is available e-adress functionality and e-adress reports;
1.5. E-service holder – the e-services e responsible authority;
1.6. An e-service – type of provision of services provided by one or more service components or separate the sections thereof (Request or Service receiving result) in electronic form, including the implementation using tīmekļvietnes, mobile apps, SMS or email;
1.7. Electronic means of identification - tangible and intangible elements that include personal electronic identification data and used in order to mitigate the identified electronic service;
1.8. User – any person in accordance with these Regulations shall be used in the Portal;
1.9. User accounts – authenticated parties created impersonate workspace that contains user identification and personalized information for work. Information is available only for each user regarding himself or herself and only after authentication;
1.10. Portal – National regulatory services portal;

1.11. Portal Manager – State Regional Development Agency;
1.12. State information systems management integrator – centralized information technology and expertise of the Agency to ensure the flow of information between information systems in any of their activities, regardless of the information that is circulating in the field.

2. General Information
2.1. Portal managed by the Agency.
2.2. The portal aims to provide the Latvian and foreign citizens to have access to the Latvian State institutions in the context of the public service descriptions and centralized access to e-services provided by the various institutions.
2.3. These Regulations prescribe the Portal and the available information, restrictions and usage instructions are binding on all End Users. The Agency shall be entitled at any time amend usage instruction or to issue new, and these changes take effect at the moment when it has been published in the Portal.

3. Portal user responsibilities:
3.1. Transfer your user account for use by another person.
3.2. Make your personal information updating user accounts, including:
3.2.1. Only enter real data;
3.2.2. To update out-of-date data.
3.3. Using e-adreses E-adreses usage instructions, to comply with the account as far as they do not contradict the provisions of this Regulation.
3.4. Not to take action against illegal or unenforceable security, stability and performance.
3.5. Do not offensive, abusive and illegal activity, do not use language that can appear.
3.6. Quoting or referring to the information obtained from the Portal, a source of information – Material republishing the copyright owner is required.
3.7. All the questions around the tablet pen to instruct the ever-growing use of illegal or unenforceable by means of questionnaires sent to e-mail

4. Portal administrator rights and duties:
4.1. Agency:
4.1.1. Provide User approach, using systeminstance trusted certification service provider the issued qualified certificate (secure electronic signature feature creation) or media on the available bank authentication features;
4.1.2. The safe use and is entitled to service with a view to impose restrictions on technological solutions (access protocol, operating system and browser versions) with which this service is due;
4.1.3. 6 (six) working days, provide, in answer to the user questions, coordinate cooperation with the e-services holders of the reply to the recipient of e-services asked questions or complaints relating to e-service data collected within the identified errors in reports and the unavailability of resources and other related issues;
4.1.4. Has the right, without notice, change the User Portal provision of services, change the amount of information services available and the User Portal, functional and visual solution;
4.1.5. Is not liable for damages arising out of the End-User shall, if a third party is drifting in and / or use the User Portal using the electronic means of identification.

5. Closing Provisions
5.1. All disputes which arise in connection with these provisions between the Agency and the User shall be settled by negotiation between them. If you cannot solve the dispute through negotiation, it can be dealt with in accordance with regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.
5.2. With the provisions of the Agency for the coming into force on 2013 December 17, internal regulations No 1-2 / 20 “Single State and self-government services portal usage instructions”.