Most popular life situations

You can find links to descriptions of how to act in most popular life situations.

Job and social services

  1. Amount and receipt of an old-age pension
  2. Unemployment benefit
  3. Losing and Searching of job
  4. Burying the dead
  5. Employment for different groups of society

Finances and Taxes

  1. How do I get some money on the eligibility of expenditure
  2. Where to look for me, the employer shall pay the taxes
  3. Work and taxes
  4. How to submit an annual income statement
  5. As credit institutions to ensure that the person's income
  6. Where notification in respect of dependants for tax rebates

Declaration of residence in Latvia and outside of Latvia

  1. Notification of residence or declaration
  2. What should be done when changing residence in Latvia or abroad?
  3. How to register a residence outside of Latvia 
  4. What should be observed by Latvian nationals abroad?


  1. Waiting and birth of a child
  2. Receipt of child support
  3. How do I request certificates or certificates of birth, death and marriage in Latvia and from foreign countries?
  4. Requesting and receiving of maternity and paternity benefits
  5. Forming of age


  1. Marriage and divorce
  2. Marriage contract
  3. The right of a person to enter into a marriage in Latvia


  1. Health information for me or children
  2. How to register to the family doctor and which services may I receive
  3. Action in case of illness
  4. Where to look for human medicinal product price and instructions
  5. What health care services covered by the state?
  6. How to complete disability-related formalities?
  7. Workplace health
  8. Which prohibit or authorise the use of their own bodies and organs after death


  1. The cases in which may receive state operates compensated medicines
  2. Where to display, if any doubts about the health care quality and distribution arrangements
  3. What if while using the drug side effects

House and properties

  1. Where to obtain information about my real estate
  2. Maintenance of residential buildings and spaces belonging to me
  3. Purchase and sale of real estate
  4. Maintenance of agricultural land and forest belonging to me
  5. How do I start building a private house
  6. To obtain information about a specific place where allegations of crimes and incidents
  7. Emergency aid in the event of an accident. Call 112!


  1. How to register domestic (pet) animal?
  2. What to do in the case of the death of pet
  3. Where to report if the landlord hadn't been cruel to treat the animal?
  4. Registration, welfare and transport of domestic animals


  1. What you need to know when you travel abroad with domestic (pet) animals for non-commercial purposes?
  2. Travel valid personal identification document
  3. Travel
  4. As the provision of direct communication with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an emergency abroad?

Culture and Leisure

  1. Hunters and hunters' required documents
  2. One of the e-Skills for offering public library
  3. One cultural information is available free of charge on the Internet


  1. Signing documents with a secure electronic signature
  2. The importance of e-services and the benefits of their use
  3. Officially to communicate with the authority electronically

Know your rights

  1. Recovery of debt or maintenance. How to start a small claim procedure
  2. Consumer rights
  3. As a victim to seek state compensation
  4. How do I request legal aid provided by the State
  5. Participation in public administration and public processes
  6. Where to display when facing illegal content or activities on the Internet
  7. Where to get help, if your rights are breached by EU public authorities (SOLVIT)
  8. Payment and challenge of penalties
  9. Leaving and receiving a legacy
  10. Where to report alleged irregularities in a grocery store, market and café?

My data and identity documents

  1. My national records
  2. How to request a certificate of good conduct and administrative penalties
  3. The cases in which citizens of Latvia allowed dual nationality
  4. How to obtain a personal identification document
  5. Submission of an infringement notice for the processing of personal data
  6. How to change the personal code


  1. As the choice of career
  2. Studies and lifelong learning
  3. How to choose what and where the university to study
  4. What should I know, the entry into university
  5. What financial support options are available for the studies
  6. How to log on to study electronically
  7. What are the opportunities for study in Europe


  1. Where to look for information about vehicle
  2. How do I buy and operate a car in Latvia
  3. How to obtain and renew a driving licence
  4. Where to electronically register bicycle
  5. Where to find out about the traffic restrictions
  6. Registration and use of vehicles

Entrepreneurship and participation in procurement

  1. Starting a business
  2. Conduct of business
  3. Business Completion
  4. Workplace health
  5. Home production
  6. Participation in public and municipal procurement
  7. Non-governmental organization
  8. Procurement and statistics

Business sectors

  1. Food sector
  2. Health sector
  3. Livestock farming
  4. Maintenance of agricultural land and forest belonging to me
  5. Cropping
  6. Other issues
  7. Agriculture and tourism

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