Information on the predicted amount of old-age pension

  • Title: Information on the predicted amount of old-age pension
  • Description: The e-service provides an opportunity for every person, to whom old-age pension has not yet been granted, to obtain information about the provisional amount of old-age pension on the date, when the person plans to retire (without applying allowances and guaranteed minimal amounts determined in the Law On State Pensions). The pension forecast is calculated using the following: 1) information at the disposal of the SSIA about the employment periods of every person and periods equivalent thereto until 1996, which the person himself/herself has provided to the SSIA; 2) information about social insurance contributions from 1996, taking into account contributions, about which the SSIA received information until the performance of the calculation. The forecast does not include 2nd pillar pension capital. If work is continued, contributions will be made every month; in addition, the pension capital will be indexed every year according to wage changes in the country; wherewith, the amount of predicted pension will change. Data is updated for the e-service once a week.
  • Authority: Valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra
  • Code: EP61
  • Kind: Synchronous service - the user receives the results without delay
  • Identifier: URN:IVIS:100001:EP-EP61-V1-0
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