Electronic Application for Studies at Universities

  • Title: Electronic Application for Studies at Universities
  • Description: Within the framework of this e-service, electronic uniform application for post-secondary and academic/professional bachelor level study programmes is ensured at 12 universities of Latvia and payment for participation in the competition. Following approval of the application in person, one may change the priorities of the study programmes, follow the provisional results of the competition and view the final results. !!! It is not possible to receive the e-service by using the Safari browser! CE results may be viewed by using the e-signature, eID or internet bank authentication device.
  • Authority: Rīgas Tehniskā universitāte
  • Code: EP42
  • Kind: Asynchronous e-service - the user starts the process, but the results are received with a time delay
  • Identifier: URN:IVIS:100001:EP-EP42-V1-0
  • Authentication:

    E-service supports the following authentication methods:

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