Submission of a proposal, complaint, question, or request

  • Title: Submission of a proposal, complaint, question, or request
  • Description: The e-service shall ensure that a proposal, complaint, question, or general request is submitted to the Authority, thereby enabling the person to participate in the public administration process. The e-service is not intended to apply for or submit a signed document to an institution. For the application and communication of services, please use the e-services or official electronic address of the authorities. Information on situations where immediate response by operational services is required should be transmitted by means of institutional emergency phones (110, 112, 113) or to the nearest operational department directly.
  • Authority: Valsts reģionālās attīstības aģentūra
  • Code: EP155
  • Kind: Asynchronous e-service - the user starts the process, but the results are received with a time delay
  • Identifier: URN:IVIS:100001:EP-EP155-V2-0
  • Authentication:

    E-service supports the following authentication methods:

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