Application to Health Inspection

  • Title: Application to Health Inspection
  • Description: E-service provides the opportunity for natural and legal persons to prepare and submit an electronic submission or a review to the Health Inspectorate. Medical Persons and Medical Aid Persons require a medical person identifier. Provide evidence to the medical authorities about the availability of the environment. Beauty and tattoo service providers to submit a statement on the commencement/conduct of economic activity. The holder of registration of medicinal products or their representatives to submit a statement on material or other support provided to associations, foundations and medical treatment institutions. Merchants who are planning to trade in electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette filling vials, the opportunity to submit an application for the commencement of marketing.
  • Authority: Veselības inspekcija
  • Code: EP113
  • Kind: Asynchronous e-service - the user starts the process, but the results are received with a time delay
  • Identifier: URN:IVIS:100001:EP-EP113-V1-0
  • Authentication:

    E-service supports the following authentication methods:

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