Please reautenticate with qualified authentication provider to crate or use the e-address! Use eID, eSignature, eParaksts mobile or eIDAS for full access!

The E-address is a digital mailbox on the portal (in the section "My workplace") and provides an opportunity to officially comunicate with all state and municipal institutions.

What you need to know about The E-address:

  • E-address is composed of personal identification number (for individuals) or registration number (for legal entities).
  • The E-address mailbox can be accessed only with an eID card with a card reader, eSignature, eSignature mobile or eIDAS
  • You can only receive messages from another E-address and only send them to another E-address.
  • According to The E-address law, correspondence using E-address between natural and legal persons is not yet possible.
  • For successful use of The E-address, it is important to read the section of frequently asked questions.