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Where to look for human medicinal product price and instructions

The purchase of medicinal products occasionally happens to throw out a packet of medicine with the instructions, however, over time, you may need to view information about the formulation of medicinal products, the strength / concentrations, effects, etc. In addition, using information available before residents have the opportunity to choose the purchase of medicinal products, within its financial capacity, as well as the cheapest possible equivalent effectiveness, or your medicine is available in pharmacies.

Medicinal product price citizens of the

State Agency of Medicines (SAM) is available on the shape of the medicinal product price, which would help buy cheaper drugs from the market of analogues.
Medicinal product price offers a price check pattern to search by name of the medicinalproduct (for example, Ibumetin), bothactive substances (e.g. Ibuprofenum). Typing the name of the active substance seeker, in search results will appear in the formulation of medicinal products available to the existing active substance across which you have selected the maximum admissible pharmacy price.
On the selected product uzejot name will be represented in the table of information about
  • the registration / re-registration date;
  • Izsniegšanas procedures (for example, without a prescription), the
  •  strength / concentrations;
  • The form (e.g., hard tablets);
  • International name;
  • the Marketing Authorisation Holder, the country;
  • Producer;
  • use in children (for example, has been approved), etc.
  • There is available on package leaflets; summary of product characteristics; Description of the product and packaging image; The maximum admissible pharmacy price (LCY) with VAT, etc.
All of the name of the medicinal product in Latvia are in Latin, and the following names is also the search. If a person knows the exact name of the medicinal product, type the correct start tag and search form will be offered to the existing variations from the registry.
Extensive information on medicinal products, pharmacies, shares his symptoms, medical facilities available also on the .

If the medicinal product price higher than stated in the SAM

If, after the purchase of medicinal products may find that a medicinal product price is higher than indicated in the SAM website, you have the possibility to notify the State Agency of Medicines and Health Inspectorate.
The search form „Check medicinal product price” information is available only for those products whose prices declared by the State Agency of Medicines and the medicines are not recovered from the country.