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Organ donation and transplantation

Or you will also be useful after his death? This issue will most likely cause a range of emotions and feelings that he mainly associated with and uneasiness. I would not talk about it at all, avoid the question and would not provide the answer. Yes, the subject of human life and death is a very sensitive. But the philosophical...

Maybe after his death, you could save someone else 's life? Every citizen of the Republic of Latvia can make their own choice to authorise or prohibit the use of his body, tissues and organs after death and to notify theBoard of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA).

The Law„On the Protection and Human Tissues and Organs” prohibits theuse of the dead man 's body, tissues and organs be used against the express wish of the course of his life. Human will must be respected by all medical treatment, educational and scientific institutions. With regard to those persons who have not committed any choice in life after death medical authorities may request the next of kin to allow the use of the man' s body.

Notification of the prohibition or authorization

In order to declare their will on the prohibition or permission to use his or her body, tissues and organs after death of an electronicportal choose the e-services „An application for prohibition or authorisation of a person's body, tissues and organs after death”.

A person can be sent to the submission by e-address or mail or lodged with the plenipotentiary person if the person's signature to the application shall be notarially certified.

Personally, the person submitting an application to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs territorial departments shall present personal identification document.

Updating messages

Details of personal choice, after examination of the application, OCMA updated population register. Each person in his life is a chance to change their choice.

In order to verify that the news about your choice is recorded in the population register , choose thee-services portal „My data population registers”.

Anonymity is preserved

Not the relatives of the donor nor a man who comes to transplanted organ of the person 's name and surname. The information included in the population register of prohibition or authorisation of a person' s body, tissues and organs after death OCMA shall be issued upon written request, a medical, educational and scientific institutions which are specified in regulatory enactments the right to pursue a cadaveric or living human tissue and organ removal and use.