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Where to electronically record bicycle

The theft of bicycles in the case will be possible to make it easier to identify, as well as the state get a picture of an active lifestyle fans – the number of cyclists in the country, everyone is possible to register their bicycles in the single national register.

Bicycle registration

Road Traffic Safety Directorate (RTSD)the e-services systema natural person who has reached the age of 16, and legal persons may voluntarily register owned bicycles in the State Register of Vehicles and Drivers, definedRoad traffic law.

Bicycle registration can be performed:

  • the whereabouts of a natural person. A minor person, who has reached the age of 16 bicycles a guardian shall be recorded;
  • the representative of the legal person.

Information on the bill.

Vehicles registered in the Register of Applications for bicycles and its owner the following information shall be indicated (bicycle without a frame number to register CSDD):
  • bicycle brand, model (if you make, model or send information to e-address or and continue registration only after receiving the reply);
  • frame number;
  • the photo frame number (optional);
  • bicycle photo (optional);
  • if necessary, under the auspices of the bicycle owner data (name, surname, personal identity number).

Payment of registration

Payment for bicycle registration must be carried out 2 hours after bicycle registrationthe e-services system. Payment option will be available and the payment will be able to carry out immediately in the system.

Public organisation’ s own initiative

Bicycle registration also provides the basis of a public organization ":
  • bicycle registration offers the possibility of a single database, which is available in the Riga Region State Police employees and to anyone on the Internet. Before using bike acquisition is an opportunity to examine whether it's not stolen.
  • stores and maintains information about bikes and the owners of Latvian veloreģistra database. When registering a bicycle in the database, you enter all the necessary information on bicycle. In case the bicycle stolen, then this information is available to you and will be useful to police in the submission.

Permission to participate in road traffic

Remember that with his bicycle to participate in road traffic you need at least Category B driving licence issued by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate or the development of human rights.