Product Contact Point and competent authorities

Information updated on 31.08.2021.

A network of Product Contact Points has been set up to provide information to economic operators in each EU country on national rules and requirements for products that are placed on the market. In Latvia, customer support of the Product Contact Point is provided by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

Product Contact Point provides information on:

  • Latvia’s national requirements for products
  • the transposition and implementation of EU legislation in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/1020
  • mutual recognition of goods in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/515
  • legal remedies, including SOLVIT
  • as well as other similar issues related to the placing of products on the market.
If you want to contact the Latvian Product Contact Point, ask your question HERE or send an e-mail to The contact point provides an information within 15 working days. Consultations are free of charge.

Below are provided the contact information of the Latvian market surveillance authorities that control products not covered by EU harmonized legislation (non-regulated area) or for which additional national requirements have been established and which stems from Regulation (EU) 2019/515. According to this Regulation, Latvia shall not prohibit the marketing of products in its territory if they are already lawfully marketed in another EU Member State, even if they have been manufactured following the requirements that differ from those applied on the Latvian market.

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