• Mutual recognition of products

    In this section you can find information regarding the application of EU Regulation 2019/515 in Latvia, which covers the application of the principle of mutual recognition.

  • General rules of products

    Some national technical rules apply in general and are not related to one specific product, e.g. a ban on lead in all products. These general rules will not necessarily show up when searching for a specific product type. We therefore advice you to go through the list below in order to ensure that the various general rules are complied with.

  • Technical regulations of products

    This section provides a list of national requirements for products in EU non-regulated area e.g. not covered by EU harmonized rules or for which additional national requirements are established, and which are subject to Regulation (EU) 2019/515.

  • Remedies

    Here below you will find information on legal remedies available to economic operators in Latvia, in order to seek clarification or to appeal against administrative decisions taken by public authorities.

  • Product Contact Point and competent authorities

    This section provides the contact information of the Latvian market surveillance authorities that control products not covered by EU harmonized legislation (non-regulated area) or for which additional national requirements have been established and which stems from Regulation (EC) 2019/515.