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Studies and lifelong learning

Information updated on 7.12.2020.

The opening of studies includes both the adoption of an important decision and the consideration of many practical issues. Whether or not you will start studies immediately after the acquisition of secondary education or after a period already spent working or studying, there are many services and resources available electronically, which will help both during the decision-making and the formalities.

Description of the life event “Studies and lifelong learning” with VIDEO attachments

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1. How do I choose the direction of my studies? 1. How do I choose the direction of my studies?
2. Choice of higher education 2. Choice of higher education
3. Centralized exams 3. Centralized exams
4. Lost educational documents 4. Lost educational documents
5. Studies abroad5. Studies abroad
6. Lifelong learning and adult education6. Lifelong learning and adult education
7. Library Resources 7. Library Resources