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Health is physical, mental and social welfare, which largely depends on the human lifestyle. It is to give priority to be healthy balanced diet, choose an active lifestyle, to control stress levels and the extermination to visit the doctor. Stay healthy!

The State paid health care services

for information regarding medical treatment institutions providing public paid-up health services, receipt of a service order and other useful information on health care services will find portal or calling the national health service free information line 80001234 working days from 8.30 a.m. to 17.00 (when calling from overseas numbers + 371 67045005).

Registration (reregistration) to the family doctor

pārreģistrētos To register or by a family doctor, you must apply to the family doctor that you have selected, and conclude a mutual agreement. Family doctor can patients do not log if his place of residence are outside the territory in which the practitioner shall make its activities or if the doctor 's patient list already has 1800 registered patients or 800 children. Registration may not be refused for a person registered in downstream or upstream of the first degree relatives (parents and children), as well as the spouse and family doctor for persons residing in the metropolitan territory of operation.
For more information about family doctors in Latvia may be obtained in thenational health service Web site.


Family doctor advisory telephone 66016001
from 17.00 p.m. Working days up to 8.00, but all holidays – around the clock by general practitioners and physician assistants provide medical consultation iedzīvotā-jiem who need medical advice the simplest of cases. For more informationhere.

Children's vaccination calendar

Ask an infectious disease in the corresponding age against whom the child must be vaccinated to prevent serious and deadly disease. The compulsory vaccination will be paid by the state. For more information

National portal for would-be and new parents

sculpted portal Health professionals in the future and new parents collect reliable information about the pregnancy, health examinations, delivery and the baby's care.


Can I have the right to request the EHIC card, if I would like to remain in the territory of Latvia, and where they may be obtained?
The European health insurance card (EHIC) is all the EU and Member States of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein), as well as the Swiss Confederation joint document attesting to their citizens' rights to receive state-funded emergency health care, to the same extent as it provides the citizens of the relevant country.

EHIC in Latvia is entitled to:

  • the citizens of Latvia;
  • Latvian non-citizens;
  • inhabitants of the Member States who reside in Latvia in relation to employment or as self-employed persons, as well as their family members;
  • aliens who have permanent residence permit in Latvia;
  • refugees and persons who have been granted alternative status.

For more information on the EHIC card can be found inthe national health service Web site.