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Social protection

Social protection includes the package (system), which seeks to ensure full respect for human social protection, reaching the age, as well as against a variety of risks: poverty, disability, unemployment, etc.

The Latvian social security system shall include the social insurance system, the State social benefits, as well as social services and social assistance system.

State social insurance benefits

the task is to guarantee a certain income and substitution drawback schemes, with the loss of income for work - becoming unemployed, in the event of sickness (also amidst a work accident or contracted an occupational disease), prenatal and postnatal (maternity) period, as well as losing support and in other cases. The amount of social insurance benefits is an individual and depends on the basis of the contributions requested above. For more details, see the Ministry of Welfare( MW) Web site. 

State social benefits , you can also requestelectronically. For more information on State social benefit and granting access to the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA)Web site. 

Municipal social assistance:

  • allowance for the guaranteed minimum income (GMI) level;
  • housing benefit;
  • other social assistance benefits the family to fulfil basic needs;
  • a lump sum benefit to those in crisis situations;
  • social guarantees for orphans and foster family.

 For more details, seethe Welfare Ministry Web site.

Information regarding the old-age pension

old-age pension is calculated taking into account human:

  • the accumulated pension capital during the period from 1996 January 1 January to granting of a pension month;
  • the average insurance premiums paid during the period from 1996 to 1999 (inclusive);
  • insurance period until 1995 December 31 December;
  • period (years), about which of the granting of a pension of old-age pension is scheduled to be paid.

From 1 January 2014, the retirement age will be gradually increased by three months annually, until on 1 January 2025, it will reach 65 years.

For information on the accumulated pension capital, choose the e-services„For more information about insuredperson pension capital”, but to get a forecast of possible amount of anold-age pension, e-services„ Informationon the expected amount of an old-age pension ”.

More detailed information on the description ofthe old-age pension „Where electronically to obtain informationabout my old-age pension ?”,as well as the Welfare Ministry’ s Web site.

Regional mobility

Regional mobility promotional measures aim to provide support for the unemployed from regions where to find a job fails, and channel them to vacancies in the regions and cities, providing financial support for transport and rental expenses.
You can determine the State Employment Agency regarding the receipt of financial support, upon taking office in one of the outermost regions.

Frequently asked questions

When to return to Latvia, are entitled to continue to receive in another EU country granted unemployment benefit?
Yes, it is possible to benefit exports. At SSIA, you can clarify what actions should be done and what documents are necessary.

Is the unemployment benefit available until the job is found, when returning to Latvia?
You may receive unemployment benefits in Latvia, if you work in another EU Member State. In communication withSSIA, you can clarify what actions should be done and what documents are required.

How can I apply for unemployment benefits?
In order to receive state social guarantees and a support in a search for a new job after losing a job, you 'll have to visit any State EmploymentAgency (SEA) branch, to register and to obtain unemployment status.