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Repatriation and citizenship

Dual nationality / citizenship of Latvia

Latvian citizenship is the enduring legal connection of a person with the Latvian state. Latvian citizenship may be obtained in different ways - registration, as well as the naturalisation procedure. Latvian citizens, regardless of the type of acquisition of citizenship have equal rights and obligations.

For a detailed information about acquiring Latvian citizenship, see Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) website.

Latvian residents increased mobility of the EU after accession and the need to maintain a link to citizens throughout the world established the need to significantly extend the applicability of double citizenship. Since October 1, 2013, amendments to the Citizenship Law entered into force stating that citizens of Latvia may have dual citizenship. The living of Latvian citizens outside the territory of Latvia does not cause the loss of citizenship of Latvia.
Information on the admissibility of dualcitizenship see here.

Repatriācija repatriation of

persons within the meaning of the voluntary resettlement in the permanent residence in Latvia. The repatriate is a person who is a Latvian citizen or who 's one of the parents or grandparents is Latvian or Livonian (Liv).
More information on repatriation and the procedure for obtaining a repatriate status is available at PLMP website .


Frequently Asked Questions

How will repatriate status has been granted? What kind of material assistance can a repatriate get?
A person who voluntarily moves to Latvia for permanent residence, is a Latvian citizen or who' s one of the parents or grandparents is Latvian or Livonian (Liv), documents for getting a repatriate status may be submitted personally to the Diplomatic or Consular Representation of the Republic of Latvia or to Migration Division at Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs at 1 Čiekurkalna line 1, k-3, LV-1026, by prior application for visiting by phone 67219259, 67219586, 67829797. Documents are dealt with 90 days. If the documents comply with the Repatriation Law, the person receives a decision regarding the granting of repatriate status and may receive permanent residence permit.
After receipt of a permanent residence permit, the repatriate, who departed from Latvia before May 4, 1990 may get a material assistance for travel expenses and the Latvian language training. In the case of unemployment, such assistance is eligible for 6 consecutive months.
In order to receive benefits, a repatriate must contact the OCMA Migration Division by phone 67219259, 67219586, 67829797.